Frequently asked questions

If you are a citizen of one of the 46 countries that has been granted “visa-free access” to Mongolia, or 41 countries covered in a 30 day visa-free visit regime until 31st December 2016, you do not need to present a visa when entering Mongolia for tourism purposes. With exception of those, visitors are required to have a valid visa issued by Mongolian diplomatic missions or honorary consuls abroad. The following materials are required to obtain a visa under grounds of tourism:1. Passport, valid for at least six months from the end of intended period of stay in Mongolia2.One passport size photo Completed and signed Visa Application Form for Tourists3. Invitation from Mongolia (Either an invitation of the receiving entity, or an official request of the sending country and the organization).4. Transit visa processing requires visa for next destination, and copy of onward tickets

By airways: Providing you with comfort flights, Mongolian national flag carrier MIAT – Mongolian airlines operate scheduled and chartered flights to Ulaanbaatar from Berlin, Frankfurt, Moscow, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka and Beijing. The Chinggis Khaan international airport, conveniently located 18 km southwest of the capital, hosts following carriers apart from MIAT: - Aeromongolia - Hunnu Air - Aeroflot Air - China - Korean Air - Turkish AirlinesWe will always be happy to help arrange your international flights to Mongolia. By railways: If your holiday duration and plan allows, another great way to get to Mongolia is via trans-Mongolian train. This is possible either from Moscow or Beijing. The journey takes 4 nights and 5 days from Moscow, and 1 night and 2 days from Beijing. It is a magical journey which takes you from the heart of buzzing downtowns of metropolises into nomadic Mongolia, past the Great Wall of China through the Gobi desert, or Russian countryside villages through the Baikal Lake. Also trains to border cities run every day, as the cities of Ulaan-Ude (Russia) and Erlian (China) are both popular get-away destinations for locals, for a little cultural sightseeing and a bit of shopping. You can let us handle your international railway tickets, to make your travel plan even smoother.

Yes, you would want to pack a few additional things to make your travel more comfortable.Those are: Your personal toiletries Summer hat, sunglasses and sunscreen Earplugs to use when camping in the countryside Small headlamp or a flashlight Portable battery charger for your phone, tablet, camera etc.,Small first aid bag including following: Small adhesive bands Blister plasters Painkillers Medicine to treat occasional diarrhea Lip balm Wet tissue Mosquito repellent creamOther optional: Sleeping bag or sleeping sack Mosquito net After sun cream when possibleClothing: Trekking shoes Weatherproof jacket Wool hat, gloves, scarf Pajamas Spare pairs of socks and underwear Bathing or swimming suit Other casual clothing

Foreign currency can be exchanged at . commercial banks and Mongolian national currency “Tugrug” are in notes of 1, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000. The US dollar is preferred currency. Credit cards are also accepted at major hotels, restaurants and tourist shops. UB and major cities have ATMs.

Mongolian nationwide electricity output is 220V/50HZ in a European style plug. Most likely all the wall sockets will feature 2 widely spaced round pins. But no worries if your device is different, because universal plug converter is commonly found at relatively cheap price here in Mongolia.

Mongolians have several national holidays and celebrations, and when we talk about celebrating holidays, we mean to do it nationwide. Believe us, celebrations take festive forms in most cases, and some certain are following: – New year’s eve — 31st Dec to 1st Jan – Mongolian Lunar New Year — 3 days in January or February according to Lunar calendar – International women`s day — 8th of March – Children`s day — 1st of June – Naadam Festival — 10-13th of July – Birthday of Chinggis Khaan — National Pride day: 14th of November – Independence day: 26th November

Like many modern societies, tipping is part of modern life in Mongolia. You can leave small amounts with meals, drinks and round off taxi fares. Tip concierges and bellboys for help with luggage, typically USD 1$ per bag. Tour guides and drivers are used to tips as well. However, giving small gift or present to nomadic families you have visited or stayed with, is preferable over tipping.